Picture of inhaler and tablets

Balcary Prototyping

Welcome to Balcary Prototyping. Using CAD modelling and 3D printing we can produce rapid prototypes for your new Medical Device, Dose Delivery System or Packaging Components. We also have the traditional skills for hand-made or custom-machined pieces.

We use our own in-house equipment and work in partnership with leading 3D printing and Rapid Protoyping companies. We can provide a fast turnaround for presentation samples, marketing and customer approvals, or setting up manufacturing lines.

• Tough ABS plastic for engineering parts.

• Accurate dimensions and weight distribution for setting up production lines.

• Transparent plastics to show internal workings, identify space requirements or see conflicts.

• Full-colour models, incorporating graphics and text, for marketing and customer feedback.

• High-precision materials for micro-components.

Replica bottles for line set-up